Dog Daycare in Orange County


Gone are the days where your dog has to stay at home all day waiting for you to come home from work or getting into mischief while you’re away. At our doggie daycare your dog will enjoy controlled, supervised socialization while having a fun and exciting day out of the house so you both can relax after a long day at work.


• Increased confidence and agility.
• Development of strong socialization skills.
• An outlet for very energetic dogs.
• Personal attention throughout the day.
• Exercise and increased metabolism.
• Chew, Run, and play with friends in a stress free environment.
• Peace of mind that your dog is having fun and being well cared for in a loving environment.

Doggie Day Care is Play Care with Paw in Order

Paw in Order’s personalized approach to dog care extends to our doggie daycare structure. We have two separate play yards equipped with grass, shade, toys, and interactive doggie play equipment like ramps, stairs and tunnels. Once everyone is checked in, we break the dogs into small playgroups (5-10) based on size and enthusiasm.

Day at Daycare

• Supervised socialization with other dogs.
• Fetch and other toys.
• Individual play with staff.
• Splash time in a doggie pool.
• Confidence-building games and agility.
• Play equipment for running jumping crawling, climbing ect.

Everyone from vigorous players to mellow cruisers receives ample yard time. Dogs that prefer one-on-one human interaction will spend time with an employee playing games. We integrate interactive play methods so your dog is excited, engaged and having fun. We enjoy play time almost as much as the dogs do!

All Weather Doggie Daycare 7 Days a Week

We’re also prepared for the weather! For the warmer months of the year we offer water play, misting and a cooling fan to move the air around the dog runs and yard. Our yards are shaded to keep the area cool. We will also temper playtimes in the yard on warm days to protect against over-exhaustion. On rainy days, when it’s drizzling we will allow the dogs in the yard for short breaks but if it’s pouring the dogs must remain in their run until the rain stops. However, on days of adverse weather we do provide treats and interactive toys to help pass the time.

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