The Paw in Order Story

Paw in Order was founded in 2011 by Brittany Kelley, a passionate dog owner and trainer with more than 15 years of professional experience in the dog care industry and a lifetime of love for helping animals. She trained her first dog at the age of 18, but it wasn’t until she rescued her second dog with behavioral issues that she sought out the help of a professional.

It was during that training that she discovered her passion for the craft and began working towards a professional career. After graduating from animal behavioral college, she worked as an apprentice under another trainer for 7 years before opening Paw in Order.

Her true passion as an animal advocate and trainer is to help as many dogs as possible. Brittany believes that through providing proper training for both dogs and their owners, she can help reduce the chance of the dog ending up in a shelter or rescue home. Not only that, she believes all dogs deserve a second chance and opens the doors of Paw in Order to provide assistance to local rescue organizations in Orange County whenever they are in need of help.

Our Dog Loving Team

It’s on these founding principles of passion, love and care for animals that Brittany has built a dog-loving team of professionals that share these same beliefs. Every member of the Paw in Order team has the same passion and vision for taking care of dogs and going the extra mile to ensure every dog’s needs are being met while they’re with us.

The majority of the Paw in Order team members come from either a rescue or veterinarian background so they have both practical and medical hands-on experience with dog care. Our staff’s veterinarian training and specialization allows us to confidently handle proper medication administration techniques for your dog while they are in our care. Additionally, our staff and facility is insured, bonded, licensed and accredited. So you can rest assured that your dog is in the safest and most loving hands while they are in our care.

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